Spanish school

We are an Infant and Primary Education Public School placed in Membrilla, a 6000 inhabitants village in the heart of La Mancha, in Spain. We are 23 teachers and 295 students (3 to 12 years old). We are a multicultural educative community as our students and/or their parents are from Spain, Morocco, Romania and Lithuania. We are also used to diversity as we also have students with Special Educational Needs.
We are involved in linguistic and European programmes: in 2008 we started a Bilingual Section and now we teach 4 subjects in English: Natural Science, Physical Education, Music and Arts and Crafts; a Comenius Multilateral Programme from 2010 to 2012; French as a second foreign language since September 2012, Pen Friends with a German school for 2 years to improve language and cultural knowledge, two Erasmus+ KA101 projects, Language Assistants from USA and UK since 2008 and last course we have had a teacher in Brussels for the Professional Stays Programme we received a French teacher in April 2018 and this course we are receiving a new French teacher in April 2019.
We are very aware about improving our students’ Communicative Competence and making them conscious that we are European citizens and what this fact means. Our previous experiences in European programmes have been very motivating and they have had a great impact in our teachers, students and Educative Community. Joining this project, we’d love to offer all of our students. according to their ages, the opportunity of learning in a very motivating way meanwhile they are developing all the basic competences (especially Linguistic and Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship Competences), learning our and our partners’ Cultural Heritage, and discovering many of the different job possibilities they will find when the moment of choosing a profession comes. Our teachers contribute very actively to the development of all the programmes in our school and they are engaged in learning Project Based Learning, so this will be a great opportunity to put into practice what they are learning about this methodology.
We offer the partnership our experience in Erasmus+ projects, our motivation and enthusiasm, the ICT knowledge acquired in Erasmus+ KA101 project, and the possibilities we have in all the sectors covered in this project that allow us study and share the knowledge acquired with our partners.