Italian School

The Comprehensive Institute of Alba Adriatica pursues the overall and harmonious formation of the person, from a personal, cultural, relational and social point of view, through experience and innovation, and aims to become the main reference for the educational and cultural policies of the territory.
It is the only school in the municipality of about 12,000 inhabitants, located on the Italian coast in the central part of the Adriatic Sea.

It is a State school that welcomes about 1200 pupils of the Infant, Primary and First Grade Secondary School, with ages ranging from 3 to 14 years. The teachers are 130.
Since 1992, the musical department has been active, which gives students the opportunity to study piano, violin, guitar and flute. There is also an agreement with the State Conservatory “G. Braga” of Teramo for the study of the Cello as well as for the certification of skills in order to be admitted to the Conservatory itself.

The context is characterized by a strong migration process from a plurality of origins, cultures and traditions. The percentage of students with non-Italian citizenship stands at 20% of the total population (mainly Albanian, Romanian, Chinese). For this reason, the School Curriculum is based on one hand on welcoming/ inclusion actions and linguistic support for non-Italian pupils and on the other hand on the implementation of educational pathways for recovery (also during extracurricular hours) of knowledge and skills of the pupils. This inclusive sensitivity is associated with a particular emphasis on the enhancement of excellence, through the creation of strengthening programs and participation in competitions and student contests at national level.

The School is divided into five buildings: two for the Infancy, two for the Primary and one for the Secondary School. All the Primary and Secondary classrooms are equipped with a PC with wi-fi connection to the Institute’s Internet network. There are also 7 LIM Whiteboards in the Secondary School, 13 in the Primary School and 3 in the Kindergarten. In 2016/2017 the project “Creative Ateliers” was funded for the preparation of a multimedia room, available to all classes of the Institute.
The school also has two gyms for sports practice.

The Institute has a long tradition of European projects: Comenius “Unity in Diversity” 2010-2012, Etwinning with mobility “On line Friends” 2012-2013, Etwinning with mobility “Actors for a Year” 2013-2014, Etwinning without mobility ” Let’s be Cooks “2013-2014, Erasmus+ KA2” Stress Free EU Schools “2014-2016 as a partner, Erasmus + KA219” Music is … life long Learning “2016-2018 as a coordinating school. With this last project the school has undertaken a process of research of teaching tools able to improve key competences through the use of music, focusing efforts on some of them: mother tongue, basic science and mathematics, digital, learning to learn. The results obtained so far have been very encouraging. Therefore, the institue decided to launch a new project that would allow to complete this experience by structuring a work that would use this time the Spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship as a driver for other skills, with the aim of closing the circle on all 8 European competences.