Estonian School

Sakala Private School – the school which basic idea is to create an educational area aiming at the formation of an educated, intellectual, socially active and mature personality.

We are committed to excellent academic standards across a balanced and complete program which includes information technology, physical education and the arts. Good education grows from a sense of belonging and a happy atmosphere. High expectations are encouraged by a caring ethos, proper conduct, small class sizes and high quality facilities. Our students are eager and well prepared for their next challenges.

Our aims are to train our graduates in the best way with a rich life potential to become socially successful.

We also stand for ‘Everyone is Special’ and can help children develop harmoniously and receive a broad education to disclose their gifts and talents.

Our school enjoys a spacious and fully refurbished school building located in the heart of Tallinn. Everything required is on site and we are trying to create all necessary conditions for students’ successful learning.

The school is equipped with modern teaching equipment, furniture, high level means.Selected in accordance with the growth of the child comfortable single furniture meets the stringent sanitary requirements. Each classroom is equipped with a place for a teacher, ensuring the use of the latest educational technologies and communication tools.

In the cozy lounges, there is a possibility for students to have a rest during the breaks. The school building being a historical one, still includes modern classrooms, an assembly hall, a gym with dressing rooms and sanitary facilities, a cafeteria, a library, and a medical office.

The comfortable learning environment of our school is the key to successful learning.
Welcome to the country of knowledge!